while I am OK going to BARS

2016-09-12 10:44

One of the (many) great things about MOH S and me getting married so close together is that we have an opportunity to share so many things, whether it be supplies we can both use, or vendors we like (or sometimes dislike). It makes it so much better to be able to share with someone who also benefits from it. Shortly into the planning process we decided that, while bridal showers should be about each of us, individually, it would be a great idea to combine our bachelorette parties!

Now I know I mentioned the other day about how much I loathe bachelor parties (not that it means Mr. B isn’t having one), and honestly the same thing really goes for bachelorette parties (they are, after all,极速一报码室, the same thing). But whether or not I ever imagined I’d ever have one myself, S would both want and deserve one that I would need to throw and attend. So why not have a blend of our two ideas and personalities and have a great day—we share so many friends it would’ve been silly NOT to do it this way!

MOH S & me out and about earlier this year

Personal photo

Originally, we planned on staying at Paradise Point for Saturday night so we could lounge by their amazing pools or Mission Bay, and then head to Pacific Beach at night. We, however, procrastinated BIG time and the prices went up too high with the added resort fees. But check out this pool:

Isn’t this somewhere you would want to lounge?

Image via GoThere

Back to the drawing board we went. We tried a few similarly low-key, yet more affordable options, but in the end we decided to stay at one of the big resorts in downtown San Diego. Now, to be completely honest, going downtown was one of the big things that I did NOT want to do. Mostly because, while I am OK going to BARS, I am not really comfortable going to CLUBS, and downtown is mostly clubs. The hotel, however,I painted over the white easel sign, is pretty awesome, and still has a really nice adult pool. S convinced me that even if we went down there, we would only go to the more low-key bars in the area, so we could have the best of both. And on the plus side, almost everything is within walking distance so we don’t need to worry about cabs!

The Spa Pool at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Image via Hotel.de

Are you having a bachelorette party? Are you doing something formal and planned out? Or just picking a day and playing it by ear? Are you as lucky as me and have someone to share it with?

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